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Samsung Omnia 7 smartphone begins Mango testing

Friday, October 7, 2011

“Better late than never” is most probably the mantra adopted by Samsung with the Omnia 7 handset that runs on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Why do we say so? Well, for starters, while plenty of folks have already received the unofficial update for the Samsung Omnia 7, the firmware is still unavailable through legit means.

It seems that this might change in due time, as Microsoft apparently has already updated the “Where's My Phone Update” list, and in there it previously mentioned “Except Samsung Omnia 7 models” – only to have it changed to the more favorable “Except Samsung Omnia 7 models, which are Testing at this time.”

One step at a time, after all, you can't expect the Omnia 7 to run before it is able to walk. For the moment, we're all too happy to take baby steps instead, and wait for a possible end-of-October release date for the Mango firmware update on an official basis. Be patient, Omnia 7 owners – after all, since you've waited for so long already, what is a few more weeks or even months of tapping your fingers on the table?

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