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Alleged Nokia Searay for T-Mobile Germany image leaks

Monday, October 3, 2011

A very legit looking image of the Nokia Searay has just been leaked by The Nokia Blog. The image is allegedly from T-Mobile Germany and has a short description of the phone on the side.

If we translate the text to English, we get the following result:

Drive safely to your destination with Nokia - including 3D.

Representation and voice navigation

Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) operating system.

3.7" brilliant domed AMOLED display.

The phone itself looks identical to the N9, as it did in all the previous leaks, which means it is also very easy to fake it. Just like The Nokia Blog, we're finding it a bit hard to swallow that Nokia would call the final version of the phone by the name 'Searay'. More so because recently Nokia had a poll to decide the name for their series of Windows Phone 7 devices, with options like Phoenix, Genesis, etc. This means the actual phones will probably be called something like the Nokia Genesis N1 instead of simply Searay.

Things are yet to get finalized though, so eventually they might just go with individual names instead of having a name for the series. Whatever it is, we'll find out before the end of this year.


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